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The User Requirements Document and the Data Access Requirements Document of the Land_Cover_cci project team are now publically available

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The first two deliverables of the Land_Cover_cci project are now publically available on the project website.

The User Requirements Document (D1.1) provides a structured set of individual requirements and constraints for a satellite-based land cover product to meet the needs of the Climate Research Community. The document has been produced through a close collaboration with the Climate Research Group of the Land_Cover_cci team as well as with other potentially concerned  users. The latter group consists of climate modelers but also “climate concerned” users such as those making use of land cover information for other societal benefits or national reporting and accounting.

The Data Access Requirements Document (D1.3) identifies all the data that are needed as input to perform the project, including Level 0/1 products from ESA, ancillary and archived data.

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