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Recent CCI Land Cover Publications

CCI Land Cover team publishes the overall work related to this project through peer-reviewed papers. Recent publications are available here below : Read more »

New video available : Changing Lands Animation

Land cover maps describe the different types of materials on the Earth's surface, such as water bodies, ice cover, crops, forests, grasslands and artificial surfaces. This information is important for tracking changes in land use, conserving biodiversity, managing natural resources, and understanding climate change. Read more »

A new inland/ocean layer compatible with the CCI Water Bodies product v4.0

The ESA Land Cover CCI project has now released an additional feature to the CCI Water Bodies v4.0: the distinction between inland water and ocean. More information on the methodology here

The layer can be downloaded on the project viewer:

CCI Water Bodies v4.0 showcase

The CCI Water Bodies v4.0, together with many outcomes of the ESA Climate Change Initiative, was showcased in an ESA - Planetary Visions animation describing the physical processes causing global sea-level rise.

The video is visible on the ESA space in video page.

1st CCI Land Cover User Workshop


Date: 31st August 2017

The 1st CCI Land Cover workshop aimed at introducing the CCI Land Cover dataset in details and sharing experiences on its exploitation in various contexts from climate modelling to UN statistics.  It was also an opportunity to exchange on the appropriate use of this long term time series and the expected support

Thank you to all presenters and participants who contributed to the success of this meeting !


For those who could not attend the meeting but have an interest in the presentations, see the Workshop Agenda.

See also the zip with all presentations.


The recording of the meeting can be found here (8GB).

Products download (top right red button)

(c) ESA Climate Change Initiative - Land Cover led by UCLouvain (2017)


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1st CCI Land Cover User Workshop | 31st August 2017 | ESRIN (Frascati, Italy)

Invitation to the 1st CCI Land Cover User Workshop

Dear WorldCover participant, Read more »

300 m annual global land cover time series from 1992 to 2015

CCI Land cover - 300 m annual global land cover time series from 1992 to 2015 - available now for download

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Newsletter - Special Issue Living Planet Symposium

The CCI_Land Cover team publish a special issue of the newsletter for the Living Planet Symposium.

More information about the second release of CCI Land Cover products are delivered.

This release offers : Read more »

New release of 300 m global land cover and 150 m water products (v.1.6.1) and new version of the User Tool (3.10) for download

On behalf of the ESA Land Cover consortium, it is our pleasure to inform you about the release of a new version of the ESA CCI Land Cover dataset (v 1.6.1) as well as a new version of the ESA CCI Land Cover User Tool (v.3.10), both available for download from

CCI Land Cover products

  Land cover maps Land cover maps Land cover maps

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